Why i cotinue my study to university level

Dosen :Miss Dini

Dwi fitriani


Kimia 2016

For me,continuing school level university or level of the college,can teach us many things such as teach us to be nature and  be a better person than before,and can be a place or container to improve performance and can do what we should do for our own future for the sake of wanting to feel the comfort of bussiness has been done during the process to achieve it.

I love university of tanjungpura
The reason i the first because to make both of my parents who have been educating,guiding,praying and always wanted to have a child like what he expected pray for.

The second iwant to pursue the ideals of me and grabbed a dream to be successful and have a big opportunity to determine the future of the better.

And sometimes also i think that if we can go to college where was it can be said one sustenance of god and already way to take to the future of the desired her or in dreams,especially the university or universities who really wants.

The reason i wrote and be true expected to be achieved and be true,embodied in the effort,hard work and optimistic in do her as well as always think positive especially accompanied by pray and blessing of both parents and god SWT.

The message from me to my self and readers loyal understand for the sake  of want to find the benefits of someone or something written and from his tongue.

Is that never once wasting the opportunity  that has been given to us,especially we should be.thankful and grateful to both our parents who has given every thing to us,so whatever happens just go with it for the sake of want to achieve what we aspire to and don’t forget to pray for both of our people because he wasn’t expecting any reply,she just wants to see her childrens successful,and happy as well as the blessing of god depends the blessing of our parents.


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