My skill

Assalamualaikum wr.wb…..

Friends and the reader thanks already want to read about skill i immediately… name dwi fitriani of chemicals 2016.😍😍😍😍😍

Here i am not have the expertise but only my skills,or can be as hobbies or likes to in doing it

I think every persone had or has a skill that’s different because of skill that come from a person who wants to dig her potential for an ability that comes from the willingness of the people it self..😉😉😉

Before fore more in,i want to tell you a little about the skills that i have,first i like to used goods such as cardboard,newspapers and so i tried to dig my abilities in the skills that i have,for the sake of to make and arrange it into something new.

And i kept thinking i have to do?

Not long after a couple of days later,already have an idea said to be good not too but just simple …….😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁  idea i namely want to create a miniature,a pair of sandals and so addition, i can also use the materials of the stick ice cream.

On that day too,i try to make it,after a long time i gather materials and tools.After that don’t waste my time and make it and also decorate it.not long time passed i’ve finished making it and i spend up to four hours of sitting and make the miniature ecosystem….😉😉😉😉😉

My friends thinking to find a lot of the idea of…….becausa the idea of small can produce a big of that….i could have a lot of the idea to make an assortment craft like slippers,gallows or decorated room,that’s a skill that i had …. a little things can explore the potential someone….

According to me ,i have done with a skill that i had ….eeeemmmm…i often trained him to make handicrafts that thereis no in thinking me or by trying to constantly,sometimes while looking for inspirations through browsing in internet to more digging my skills that can be beneficial for many people and my self….

If for me thati do that have some way that:

  • Buying or looking for used items such as the desired  cardboard
  • Find inspirations through browsing the internet
  • Ask who have expertise as teachers with art
  • Looking for ideas of the mind chains
  • Always fidding with stuff  that already exists to make all kinds of  crafts which is beautiful and unique 

I love kimia 2016


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