How To Make Glass of Paper and Newspaper

Materials and tools
a) A4 HVS paper-several sheets ( or other paper also please, for example, paper polio, a magazine or even a newspaper).

b) lem

c) scissors

d) glass a real/ another container as a mal

e) pencil

Step by step

1) make a pattern

– prepare A4 paper, make a crease about 1 cm wide in a lined and sequentially.

– to add to the art, in the center of the paper make it also folds oblique

– give the glue on each part in the crease, so now the paper into a nice flat

2) make the bottom of the glass/ other

Take glass of drinking baddy, use as a template to mark rounded on paper with a pencil and scissors according to the line of the circle.

3) create a wall of glass

– take the paper folds of the other, stand up the and wrap your curved on the walls of the glass drinking buddy, cut the excess paper as well as the excess length with scissors and locks the connection of the paper with glue.

Position the wall mounting of the paper suggested:

– the crease angled in the middle and the upper parts is a straight fold which is wider than the other.

– finally.. …attach the wall paperwith the base rounded, the key with the glue in a circular circumference.


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