I Can’t Imagine Life Without Education 

         In this life try we imagine that we never felt the world of education. Where possible all we want to can happen, such as want aspired to be a teacher, because if his world there is not the world of education how life, the behavior of, attitudes, the nature of as well as the future we can be better. With the education we can think more good, the more thoroug and could have or have a better future also.

          Friends, don’t ever waste time you are still young and still can learn to build the spirit of your own. We all can definitely achieve anything by way of earnest and spirit. 

            Look at friends, teacher, police dan pilots. He can be successful being like that because he felt the earnest and high spirit. With our school we can determine the future good and bright and don’t forget to pray, because everything god knows.


            Know friends, i dwi fitriani origin of the Ketapang regency, i am fars from the village went into town to continue their education, i now studying in tanjungpura university program of study chemistry. I promise i will earnestly and from the university that i will become a successful person in the future.


      Therefore, don’t waste your time school as high, obay your parents and don’t forget to pray to god and never once in a while you disappoint your parents because he is very want to see his son successful.



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