My Future business

 Dwi fitriani


           I am Dwi fitriani, i love made handicrafts of since i secondary school first class one, the first i make crafts that i made a place brooch veil shaped quadrilateral. After that i made again decoration to the house or the door of the roo, i made it  from the drinking water. Continuosly i do until i was about to pass the third grade of high school.

            Since then, i still make skills with a variety of the idea. After me in middle senior high school over me more often make handicrafts, but i make decoration it from the paper asturo and clear course.

            The more continuosly i do, usually i use the news paper and cardboard to make sandals. That’s the craft or the ability to me that i can make.

            If a make the business later i will open a shol or make crafts i know with markets thorough the that i made or thorough the social media. Why i choose handicrafts, because i want to develop the ability to me and can be beneficial for other people and society at large.

             If i make the store for my business, i want to give name of the shop i namely “the souvenirs dwi typical handicrafts unique ketapang”😊😊😊😊😊😊😊. Hope hopefully it could be true and can be beneficial to people other..aaaaaammmmmiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn

               The trick is with the spirit, trying to, obedient to both parents and pray to allah, because allah knowing the situation we for the future will come or future as well as we given a long life.


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