Robot in the home (part 3)

Dwi fitriani 

NIM H1031161041


3. Reading skills

A. Pre-reading questions

1.) Robot can make our lives better in the future with helping us to do our daily activities, such as cooking, sweeping, ironint, etc. Meanwhile, robots make our live worse because we are too dependent by the robots’s performance. Not only too dependent but also make us lazy to do something because all the duties have done by the robot.

2.) The kinds of robots we would like to see are the robots can write something what we say and the robots keep our safe 24hours a day.

B.  Reading 

  • This trends will allow us to live richer lives as robots take over boring housework duties. ( Paragraph 1 ).
  • Finally, in the same way that microsoft developed an operating system that could work on different kinds of computer, engineers, are now beginning to write computer code or a potential common robot operating system ( Paragraph 2 )
  • Second, we can have robot companions and pet ( Paragraph 3 )
  • They will protect us from dangerous people who may try to force their way into our homes ( Paragraph 3 )
  • But unlike live companions and pets, they will not die ( Paragraph 3 ).


C.   Identifying topic and main idea

  1. C. Robots in the home
  2. A. Robots will improve our live in many ways


E. Identifying opinions

A. All technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines than ever.


Gang Beyond the Text

  • Airline Pilot

We don’t agree if a robots becomes an airline pilot because there is some term conditions that only human intuition can take a decision. ( Ex : When urgent situation )

  • Cook

We agree if a robot becomes a cook because robots can remember a lot of recipes and already program with.

  • Doctor

We don’t agree if a robots becomes a doctor because robots don’t have intuition or feelings.

  • Police Officer

We agree if a robot becomes a police officer because they (robots) will report the factual thing and prevent from corrupt thing.

  • Singer

We don’t agree if a robot becomes a singer because robots can’t sing from heart ( or with feelings ).

  • Store Clerk

We agree if a robot becomes a store clerk because robots can treat and serve the buyer with good way and with no human error.

  • Taxi Driver

We agree if a robot becomes a taxi driver because robots can prevent from criminal activities that always happen in transportation and decreasing the number of traffic accident.

  • Teacher

We don’t agree if a robot becomes a teacher because there is student psychological that only human can understand.


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