Robot in the home

Dwi fitriani 


1. Critical Cartoons ( Unit 4, Page 25 )

Our perception about robots is not about a computer that have human form or physical form like human, robots can also define as electronic devices that make our tasks / housework more easier. Electronic devices that I used in the past 24 hours at least 11 (eleven) devices. There are laptops, printer, television, DVD player, washing machine, smartphone, air conditioner, refrigerator, fan, rice cooker, and speaker.

In our daily activities robots can help me search on internet finished my school tasks (like used emails) and help me communicate with other people, robots can also help me get my tasks in printed form and robots can also help me watched my favorite movie. But actually there is something that I want robots can do it.

2. Core Vocabulary ( Unit 4, Page 26 )

 Aid define

  • Help or support (someone or something) in the achievement of something.

b. Adopt define

  • to choose or take as one’s own;make one’s own by selection orassent
  • Choose to take up or follow

c. Effort define

  • exertion of physical or mentalpower
  • A vigorous or determined attempt
  • an earnest or strenuous attempt

d. Force define

  • Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement
  • physical power or strength possessed by a living being

e. Career define

  • The progress through history of an institution, organization
  • Working permanently in or committed to a particular profession


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