Speech : About Collage and Mathemetics and Natural Sciences Chemistry, The Choice Of My

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

             Honorable, miss. dini early as a lecturer of college english. Thank you for giving the opportunity to me.

              ​Alhamulillah, don’t forget also we give praise and gratitude to allah swt who has bestowed grace and gifts to us, so on this day we can gather in a healthy state and in the courses is english. In this opportunity i want to deliver a speech “about collage in mathematics and natural sciences chemistry, the choice of my.”

​My name dwi fitriani  study program chemistry.

​Why i choose studiying in chemistry?

              ​Because i used to senior high school, i love chemistry, but chemistry is a subject that is both a prefer. Subject that my first love is mathematics, at my school at senior high school i just love the three subjects namely mathematics, chemistry an physical education spiritual and health.

              ​Friends, that’s the  reason i why i choose the college in mathematics and natural science chemistry. Usually i feel there are difficulties also in the courses in this study program, but i stiil just live by the spirit and because god never gave the trials that go beyond the boundaries of his people an i think that’s something we’ve lived with that there is having difficulty and ease.

               ​Friends, initially, i also hesitate to take these courses after passing the test SBMPTN, but i also think if i choose another study program again i was afraid that if i do not pass in tanjungpura university. I’m from junior high school to college in tanjungpura university but with the department of mathematics education, but aftertime passes it turns out my destiny in mathematics and natural science chemistry, why in my doubt, should i keep taking this study program may be of god there is a better plan for me and my future later than what i planned.

                   ​So, remember friends, whatever that meant  to us to live it with grace and spirit, because people who are grateful that more favored of god than on the people who have forgotten the favors from him.”we had a plan but god has a better plan and allah is knowing one’s life path an what happens with us in the future.

Thank you all

Thank you Allah Swt, I 💖💖💖💖💖 To Allah SWT


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